Offshore Operations (Shelf and Deepwater)
With over 30 years of experience in platform operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Island Operating provides a broad base of professionals who have earned a reputation for reliability, superior training and “safety first” mindsets all while delivering strong results for our Gulf of Mexico customers. Our workforce consists of over 1,000 lease operators which ensures that you have access to the operators you need for maximum productivity.

In addition, with our cost-effective helicopter services and transportation loop systems, we are able to efficiently staff platforms virtually anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of our clients have found this line of service to be particularly useful for unmanned facilities.

To see how our offshore expertise can benefit your company, contact our Offshore Operations Team at 800-366-9594.

Land Operations

For nearly three decades, Island Operating has provided successful operations for our Customer’s onshore wells throughout the United States. Since the early days, as our reputation for excellence has grown, so, too, have our services, which now include operating our client’s oil and gas plants and pipelines.