No matter how skilled an Island Operator is, there is always an opportunity to learn more, sharpen existing skills, and aspire to do better. Improved training and procedures mean progress. Progress means increased productivity. 

Here at Island Operating, we extensively and continually train our employees with the focus on safety and we empower every employee to make the necessary decisions whenever safety may be compromised. An employee’s Stop Work Authority (SWA) is a proven safety measure that has optimized performance.

We are a strong advocate of employee training because we believe that greater knowledge enables our employees to do a more effective job for the customer. Each Island Operating employee is trained and/or certified in a number of practical areas:

  • Production Safety Systems Training (T-2)
  • BSEE Annual Refresher*
  • Crane / Rigger
  • Offshore Water Survival
  • PEC or IADC Rig Pass (Safe Gulf/Safe Land)
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Fire Fighting
  • Advance Core Compliance Training (A.C.C.T.)**
  • SEMS/PSM Core Training***
  • DOT Hazardous Materials
  • Job, Facility or Customer Specific Training

Our employees are encouraged to call the Training Department with any questions or concerns regarding training. Each phone call is handled personally to achieve our goal in maintaining a positive working relationship with our employees, as well as keeping them compliant with our training policy.

* This BSEE refresher class is a unique training opportunity created by Island Operating to educate each employee on current rules and regulations.

** Advanced Core Compliance Training includes the following topics:  Access to Medical Records, Bloodborne Pathogens, Bypass/OOS Tags, Confined Space Entry, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Hazwoper Operations Level, Hearing Protection, Hot Work, Job Hazard Analysis, Lockout/Tagout, Marine Debris, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Reporting of Unsafe Conditions, Scaffolding and Stop Work Authority.

*** SEMS Core Training includes the following topics:  SEMS Standard and Requirements, Process Safety Management, Environmental Awareness, Accident Control Techniques: Introduction and Safe Work Practices, Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures, Reporting of Unsafe Conditions, Stop Work Authority, Helicopter Safety, Incident Reporting and Investigation and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).